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Here are some reviews, updates,  of our new puppy families.

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


"He is growing fast and super smart. He learns very quickly. We take him back to the vet Tuesday for a check-up on his ears. We are absolutely thrilled with him."

"He's so sweet we absolutely love him. Thank you.

The vet is going to post his ears the first time for me on Thursday and show me how"..


With her new brother JJ. They look very happy together...

"We just went to the vet yesterday for our shots and she did great. The vet says she's going to be a big girl! Already 20lbs! Doing amazing, so smart and very loved!"



"Thought I should send you a couple of pictures this morning. Odin is doing very well. He is growing alot."

"Oden received his next round of shots today. He weighed in at 32 lbs (7 up from 3 weeks ago, almost a 30% increase). He is very healthy, happy, curious & fun to be with."

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